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Forest Lake

Learning Partners

Learn more about resources the Enrichment Hub offers and contact one of our learning partners to help support your Homeschooling journey.

Academic Counseling
& Advisory

Dan Pierce holds a Maine 075 Professional School Counselor (K-12) certification, and is available for educational consulting. He can offer guidance with: homeschool transcript reviews, planning for post secondary training or education, FAFSA application, college applications, scholarship information, and individual counseling. For more information and for pricing contact Dan Pierce at

Child Counseling
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Portfolio Review

The Enrichment Hub offers portfolio reviews in the spring. If you have chosen to homeschool without standardized testing, and have compiled a portfolio for your child, we have multiple certified teachers prepared to offer reviews and review letters for you. For more information and for pricing, please contact Maria Pierce at

What is a homeschool portfolio?


A homeschool portfolio includes academic records and selections from a student's coursework in all required subject areas. Sample components are saved and compiled together in a binder over the year. At the end of the year, the completed portfolio can be reviewed by a Maine certified teacher to assess the progress made by the student during that time.

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